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The Alchemy Group is a distributor for the Paragon Caldera, FireFly, and MagicFuse Kilns.

Order the kiln that is right for you and it will be drop-shipped directly to your address.

The new FireFly is for those who want the flexibility of a kiln on a modest budget. The interior size is a roomy 8" x 8" x 4-1/2" and can accomodate 2 shelves per load. This kiln will allow you to fire all brands and forms of metal clay, both silver and gold. You will also be able to enamel, make dichroic glass, fire sterling silver with metal clay, and gemstones with metal clay. You can burn out organic materials in this kiln such as leaves, paper clay and cork clay. You can even fire and glaze bisque ware and porcelain.

The FireFly is a manually controlled kiln. The black knob you see on the control box is called an Infinite Control Switch. It works like the knob on your oven...the more you turn it up, the hotter it gets. A pyrometer is used to measure the temperature inside the kiln.

The pyrometer is inserted into the kiln through a portal  in the back. The pyrometer is connected to a battery operated digital display that gives a constant readout of the interior temperature.  It's important to understand how this type of switch works because it requires the user to monitor the firing from beginning to end.  As the kiln heats, you will adjust the knob until your target temperature is reached, and then monitor it for accuracy through the firing, adjusting as needed.

The pyrometer measures in degrees F up to 1999F. A high-temperature pyrometer can be ordered for firings over 1900F, which for most metal clay artists will not be ncessary since we usually fire no more than 1650F.

As the kiln heats, you will adjust the knob until your target temperature is reached, and then monitor it for accuracy through the firing, adjusting as needed.

The FireFly is made of durable 2 1/2" thick insulating firebrick that stores heat for slow cooling and safe annealing of all glass projects.  Place the FireFly on any heat-proof surface and plug into a 120V outlet. Sturdy hinged lid opens from the top. We recommend 2 kiln shelves, 1 set of 1" kiln posts, a bead firing dish with vermiculite, and a fiber blanket as a great firing accessory kit.  Dropped, recessed grooves protect the replaceable heating elements for longer life. Wires are fastened to the elements with heat-dissipating connectors refined and proven over many years in Paragon kilns.  Elements are coiled from the finest high-temperature wire available.

The hinged lid is self-adjusting to compensate for expansion at high temperatures. The hinge includes a stop that holds the lid open and out of the way. Lift the lid with a handle on the front or a separate handle on the side.
A stainless steel heat shield inside the switch box protects wiring from contact with the case. Costly nickel-plated copper wiring is covered with high temperature glass-braided insulation. Louvers on the top, side, and bottom of the switch box circulate air for the long life of the electrical components while keeping dust inside the box to a minimum.

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